Knížecí cesta - apartments in Bližší Lhota beside the Lipno

In Bližší Lhota, beside the Lipno Reservoir, the historic Schwarzenberg Forest Administration building is home to the hotel Knížecí cesta, accommodating its guests in fully equipped apartments. The building’s unique location, on the shore of the Lipno Reservoir, close to the edge of the Šumava National Park and beneath the Smrčina (Hochficht) massif, offers visitors the perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy lots of sports activities, or wander through the surrounding mystical landscape.


We offer accommodation in fully equipped and specially styled apartments. Each apartment has its own toilet and bathroom, with either a bath or shower unit, satellite TV, telephone, safe, hair-dryer and a clothes dryer. The kitchenettes are fitted with a fridge-freezer, microwave, induction cooktop, fast-boiling kettle, toaster, washing machine, sink and draining board, and all the basic stuff you need to prepare and consume your food and drinks. High-quality bed linen, hand towels, bath towels, warm blankets, laundry for wellness activities and hotel cosmetics are all supplied as standard.

For your safety and comfort all apartments are fitted with an electronic card access and locking system. Reception is open daily from 8.00 am until 8.00 pm. Internet access is available throughout the hotel (Wi-Fi). No smoking is allowed in any part of the building. Breakfast is served (when ordered 24 hours in advance) in the common room from 8.00 am until 10.00 am. The hotel car park is monitored by CCTV.


Bližší Lhota, which in German was called Vorderstift, was once a settlement inhabited by almost 200 people. The partial demise of the settlement was brought about by the post-war expulsion of the German-Sudeten population, it’s location within a fortified frontier zone and also by the construction of the Lipno Reservoir. Construction of the Lipno Reservoir meant that the railway line, railway buildings, linen mill, the Budvar beer depot and several homes were submerged. The bridge across the Vltava to Horní Planá also disappeared. The road that once led from the bridge up to the hotel, formerly the Schwarzenberg Forest Administration building, was locally called “knížecí” or “Princes’ Way”, hence the name of the hotel..

Aerial view of Bližší Lhota before and after
construction of the Lipno Reservoir

  • 1756 – probable construction of the first building
  • 1785 – the land register of Josef II contains an entry concerning construction of a “herrschaftlich Rewier Jagerhaus”
  • 1835 – more substantial building work takes place (plastering and bricklaying, carpentry, stone-work) and shingle roofs were replaced: total price 119 gold coins and 38 groschen.
  • 18391848 – modification of the warden’s room, surveying and construction the forester’s building and various outbuildings
  • 1853 – renovation of property after fire
  • 1883 – cobbling the courtyard using quarried stone
  • 1945 – registered for the last time as Schwarzenberg’s Forest Administration and Gamekeeper’s Lodge
  • 1948 – now registered as a building belonging to the Czechoslovak Forest Authority
  • 1999 – building no. 11 is declared a protected cultural monument
  • 2014 – complete reconstruction of the building is begun, taking care to preserve the original architectural features
  • 2016 – Knížecí cesta apartment hotel opens to the public, Apartments A, B, C
  • 2017 – Rebuilding of the historical Gamekeeper's Lodge into Apartments H, construction of the I. part of the wellness area (Finnish sauna with relaxation room), pond revitalization
  • 2018 – Creation of a tree park and a green space throughout the area, building of children's attractions and an outdoor sports field
  • 2019 – Building of a wooden gazebo and an animal enclosure
  • 2020 – Construction of an Apartment houses S and an employee house, drilling of a new water source
  • 2021 – Construction of the II. and III. parts of the wellness area (infrared sauna, steam sauna, Finnish sauna, hot baths, massage room, relaxation room)
  • 2022 – Establishment of a shipyard, a pier and a beach, rebuilding of a barn into a pub with a lounge and terrace, installation of outdoor whirlpools

Because the hotel trade and catering is our raison d'être, the hotel is sure to be developed and services expanded over time – we will be happy to share our progress with you.

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