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1756 – probable construction of the first building
1785 – the land register of Josef II contains an entry concerning construction of a “herrschaftlich Rewier Jagerhaus”
1835 – more substantial building work takes place (plastering and bricklaying, carpentry, stone-work) and shingle roofs were replaced: total price 119 gold coins and 38 groschen.
1839 – 1848 – modification of the warden’s room, surveying and construction the forester’s building and various outbuildings
1853 – renovation of property after fire
1883 – cobbling the courtyard using quarried stone
1945 – registered for the last time as Schwarzenberg’s Forest Administration and Gamekeeper’s Lodge
1948 – now registered as a building belonging to the Czechoslovak Forest Authority
1999 – building no. 11 is declared a protected cultural monument
2014 – complete reconstruction of the building is begun, taking care to preserve the original architectural features
2016 – Knížecí cesta apartment hotel opens to the public, Apartments A, B, C
2017 – rebuilding of the historical Gamekeeper's Lodge into Apartments H, construction of the I. part of the wellness area (Finnish sauna with relaxation room), pond revitalization
2018 – creation of a tree park and a green space throughout the area, building of children's attractions and an outdoor sports field
2019 – building of a wooden gazebo and an animal enclosure
2020 – construction of an Apartment houses S and an employee house, drilling of a new water source
2021 – construction of the II. and III. parts of the wellness area (infrared sauna, steam sauna, Finnish sauna, hot baths, massage room, relaxation room)
2022 – construction of part IV of the wellness (whirlpool), establishment of a summer bistro in the barn at Hájenka
2023 – construction of a technical barn
in the future: construction of a boathouse, pier and beach, construction of a caravan park, construction of a replica of a period train station and station building, reconstruction of the barn into an inn with a lounge and terrace

Gallery of historical photographs

Aerial view of Bližší Lhota before and after construction of the Lipno Reservoir