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Summer holidays at Knížecí cesta

The forest here is so welcoming in the summer heat that almost all daily life seems to relocate beneath its canopy. While the scorched streets of the town yawn emptily, the forest glades ring with the laughter of children collecting bilberries, the chatter of youngsters setting off on their expeditions to explore the jewels of the Šumava, or the whispers of lovers, hidden beside the waters of the lake. Swarming with life are the forest crossroads – sites for the gathering of cyclists, and the summits too, where the more adventurous day-trippers are deservedly rewarded with panoramic views. As dusk falls the forests once again fall silent, and when the day’s heat abates, the gardens come alive with people, roasting meat on the barbecue, playing games and happily catching up with friends on all the topics for which there was no time for during the rest of the year.

Vilém Jelínek, forest warden at Bližší Lhota

Hiking and sightseeing

Leaving the grounds of the hotel Knížecí cesta, you can set off directly on a pleasant stroll around the locality or else embark on a full day’s tour of the mountains. In the wider region there are plenty of tourist destinations as well as historical and natural sights to head for, and you will also find attractions designed specifically for children.


In the nearby Austrian town of Ulrichsberg is one of the most picturesque golf courses in all Austria. It offers a total 27 holes (18+9), seven covered driving ranges and two practice putting greens. The ideal place for players of all abilities.

Cycling and bicycle hire

Welcome to a cycling paradise! Fancy like doing an easy ride on deserted tarmac roads? Or would you prefer heading off into the terrain? Are you brave enough to attempt a circumnavigation of the Lipno? You can enjoy it all at Bližší Lhota, which stands right at the crossroads of the most popular cycling trails.

Holidays with children

On the better bank of the Lipno parents can enjoy uninterrupted rest and the children will never get bored. Whether you want to stay with the children close beside the hotel, or set off for more distant adventures on foot, by bike or by car, boredom is never an issue. Whether or not you have toddlers or moody adolescents in tow – there is always plenty to do.


Three clay tennis courts are a short distance away over the ferry. You can therefore combine a few games with a pleasant walk and a ferry ride across Lipno. The courts are located at the campsite, where you can also find a refreshment area.

Schöneben Rope Park

High-adrenalin fun that will test your courage, strength and stamina is available at the Schöneben Rope Park in Austria. A total of eight routes of varying difficulty include entertaining and unusual elements that are fun for small children as well as experienced adults.