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The harmony and energy of the local nature inspires us to use its resources and at the same time obliges us to be considerate. We perceive wellness as a way of balancing ourselves in order to use our physical and mental potential.


Finnish sauna

Strong warming in the sauna at an air temperature of 85-90 °C improves blood circulation, heat regulation and strengthens the immune system. The steam created by pouring hot lava stones with water with fragrant essences reaches the required humidity. Our two Finnish saunas have a capacity of 10 and 6 people.

Steam sauna

The steam generator generates 100% air humidity and an air temperature of approx. 45 °C in the sauna. The added eucalyptus or pine aromas have an even more beneficial healing effect. The steam bath not only improves respiratory function, but also combats rheumatism, arthritis, and reduces stress and migraines. The steam sauna has a capacity of 6 people.

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna is also suitable for people with a high blood pressure, the air temperature is only between 30-60 °C. The beneficial and relaxing effects of infrared radiation cleanse the epidermis, soothe muscle and joint pain, eliminate stress and reduce the amount of toxins in the body. The capacity of the infrared sauna is 5 people.

Cooling and relax

Ice tub, watering buckets or natural pond are used to cool the organism. There are also shared showers, toilets and storage rooms available. The sauna area includes two stylish relaxation areas with sun loungers, a drinks corner, relaxing music and a calming view of the landscape.

Sauna price list

Entry to the Finnish, Steam and Infraredsauna: Price: 1 person / 120 minutes 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. / 390 Kč (290 Kč child up to 12 y.), 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. / 490 Kč (390 Kč child up to 12 y.) Booking at least 60 minutes in advance at the front desk reception or by email when booking accommodation, maximum capacity is 20 people. Private reservation of the Finnish sauna with a maximum capacity of 10 people incl. Relaxation area, showers and toilets / 120 minutes / 2 990 Kč. Private reservation at the reception desk according to the possibility. The price includes the rental of a sauna bathrobe and a bath towel. Bathrobes are available in the apartment. Deposit for entrance wristband is 200 Kč.


Booking in advance at the front desk reception or by email when booking accommodation.

Aromatherapy massage for children – back and neck massage combined with the healing effects of essential oils.
Chocolate massage for children from 6 to 15 years - back and neck massage, includes a chocolate surprise.
Price: 1 massage / 1 child / 20 minutes / 690 Kč

Sports massage – improvement of blood circulation and a muscle flow, which are suitable for increasing performance before exercise.
Massage with hot lava stones – suitable for muscle fatigue, after exercise or mental exhaustion.
Relaxing aromatherapy massage – back, neck and leg massage, slow stretches with essential oils relieve stress, tension and migraines.
Scented candle massage - relaxing touches and heated candle oil induces a perfect feeling of relaxation and well-being.
Price: 1 massage / 1 person / 45 minutes / 1.390 Kč or 90 minutes/ 2.290 Kč


Booking in advance at the front desk reception or by email when booking accommodation.

Price: 1 bath / 1 person regardless of age / 20-30 minutes / 790 Kč

Hot bath in wooden bathtub

A hot bath relaxes tight muscles and the stress is relieved by a hundred years of hydrotherapy at a water temperature of 36-40 °C. The experience is enhanced by the use of fragrances that relieve the airways, heal the skin and stabilize the body. Two separate bathtubs are available in a closed room with a panoramic window. You can enjoy the procedure individually or in pairs.

  • Peat bath
  • Honey bath
  • Conifer bath
  • Wildflowers bath
  • Chocolate bath
  • Seaweed bath


Whirlpools are located in an open wooden gazebo with an unobstructed view of Lake Lipno. The water ranges between 36-39°C. Hot whirlpool water and fresh air will free your mind, body and soul. Have fun, relax and enjoy the view of the Šumava meadows and the Lipno bays. We have two hot tubs, each in a separate room. The capacity of 1 whirlpool is up to 5 people.
Price: private rental of 1 whirlpool / 40 minutes / 990 Kč or 90 minutes / 1.890 Kč

The condition of entry and usage of the Spa & Wellness facilities is following the rules of operation.