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Local groceries

We want you to enjoy your stay with us and come back to us. That's why, in cooperation with LOKALOVE.CZ, we offer you the opportunity to taste the best from local farmers, growers and other producers, so that your stay here will be perfect to the last bite.

Thanks to LOKALNIBEDNY.CZ, you can have artisan bread, dairy products from a nearby farm, eggs from happy South Bohemian hens or even aged beef and fresh trout for the grill on your apartment table within 3 days of ordering. You'll have a great meal, support local honest entrepreneurs and enjoy your stay here without worrying about what to have for breakfast, where to have dinner or where to buy quality ingredients in the area.

Vybírat můžete z 5 variant Lokálních beden:

BASIC crate: for those who are demanding, but can get by with little. You can conveniently prepare a hearty breakfast, a tasty and rich snack for your backpack for a day trip, and in the evening you can roast marshmallows on the fire.

BRUNCH crate: a breakfast in bed that can stretch into the evening. This crate can handle snacks, lunch and dinner in addition to breakfast with incredible flavor. Sounds like a delicious day in the duvet.

VEGGIE crate: a light, meatless weekend meal not only for die-hard vegetarians. Enjoy a refreshing weekend without meat, yet full of unique flavours and aromas.

GRILL crate: dinner on fire and coals. When this crate full of aged meat, fresh trout, delicate preserved vegetables and other delicacies smells under your nose, you'll wish this relaxing evening at the grill never ended.

KING crate: a weekend feast and still leftovers. This crate smells like the promise of a whole weekend of carefree feasting, and you'll find absolutely everything in it, from crispy pastries, to flavorful meats and cracklings, fresh and preserved vegetables, chutneys, velvety cheeses, yogurts, jams and more.

Simply place your order at the LOKALNIBEDNY.CZ e-shop, pay conveniently with your credit card and you can have your selected box full of the best our region has to offer right here on your table within 3 days of ordering. It's best to place your order at the same time as booking your accommodation, so that the crate can be waiting for you on the day of your arrival.


Alone heart and soul on a never-ending holiday in the middle of the South Bohemian countryside, LOKALOVE.CZ want to give you a wonderful holiday perfect to the last bite. They personally discover for you great local vegetables and fruits, eggs, dairy products or even meat from local farmers and growers and carefully and lovingly put the best ones in boxes. Depending on the occasion and your taste, you choose your crate and we deliver it to your table. Eating well and locally, plus supporting honest producers nearby, has never been easier!