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Hiking and sightseeing

Hiking and sightseeing

Leaving the grounds of the hotel Knížecí cesta, you can set off directly on a pleasant stroll around the locality or else embark on a full day’s tour of the mountains. In the wider region there are plenty of tourist destinations as well as historical and natural sights to head for, and you will also find attractions designed specifically for children. 

The boundary of the Šumava National Park is just 3 km from the hotel. Nature and the countryside gets top billing here, and the park offers many places to visit. The tough ascent of Smrčina (1,333 m), or Hochficht in German, with a height gain of approximately 700 m, is comparable to many an Alpine tour. Around Horní Planá you will find the Adalbert Stifter Trail, named after the municipality’s native son and later world-famous writer. This gentle five-kilometre circuit offers fine views and acquaints walkers with the history of the town and the figure of Adalbert Stifter. In Horní Planá you can also visit the house in which he was born.

The most important tourist destination in the district is doubtlessly the historic town of Český Krumlov, a UNESO World Heritage Site. You can also find on this website our tips on where to stay and eat in Český Krumlov.

Of the many tourist destinations in the area, we recommend the lookout towers Moldaublick and Alpenblick on the Austrian side of the border, the Treetop Walkway Lipno above the Vltava, the castles of Vítkův kámen and Rožmberk, the Cistercian monastery at Vyšší Brod, the Premonstratensian monastery in Schägl, and of course a trip to neighbouring town of Český Krumlov, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you want to enjoy Lipno from the water, you can take the steamboat from the dock at Horní Planá or take a trip by canoe on the Teplá Vltava River (section Pěkná - Nová Pec).

Tourist map of the local area